Voltmeter LED Blue Digital Display 12V to 28V BB4

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LED voltmeter displays the vehicles battery voltage suitable for both 12v and 24V systems.
Plugs directly into your vehicles cigarette lighter socket and gives clear visible indication.
Faceplate in Blue, numbers are red LED

Car battery voltage display

Measuring range : DC 8V-30V±%1.2

12V/24V Mini Auto Digital LED Voltmeter Car Voltage Gauge.

High visibility, plugs into your cig socket to give you a clear readout of the cars battery voltage, will operate from 8 volt through to 30 volt, accurate to ±1.2% and readout in 0.1 volt increments.
Great for retro fit to older cars.

• Car battery voltage display
• Easy to read high brightness LED display
• Powered by car cigarette lighter charger (DC 12~24 V)
• Installs into the cigarette socket so no wiring required.
• Voltage range: Suitable for all 12 and 24 volt systems.
• Socket mounted for ease.

Typical voltage readings for a healthy battery:
When engine running, the LED should display between 13.5V & 14.5V
With the engine off (and nothing turned on) the LED should display greater than 12V.
Measuring range: DC 8V - 30V ±1.2%

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