Universal Self-Learning Remote Control 4 Button 433 MHz keyfob LC5

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Universal Self-Learning Remote Control 4 Button 433 MHz keyfob

Please check that your original is not rolling code and is compatible with the listed chipsets

Chips of fixed code type:
PT2240 PT2260 PT2262 EV1527 FP527 AX5326 PT2262 PT2242 HT600 HT680 HT6207 HT6010 HT6012 HT6014 AX5326-4 SMC5026 SMC5326-3 SMC5326-4 SMC918 SMC918-3
and more


1. Duplicate Your Existing Remote Controllers, such as Vehicle central locking systems, Garage doors, Electronic gates, Electrical appliances, Car sunroofs, Heating systems, etc.

2. How to copy
a. Clear the copy remote controller: Simultaneously press the two large keys , release when the led starts to flash quickly.
b. Copy: Press the button of the copy remote control with one hand, hold the two close together and press the button of the new remote control with the other hand, hold for a few seconds, release when the new remote control led flashes quickly, button for button copy is successful. Repeat for the other buttons, if unsuccessful retry from the “clear” stage
c. Recover: You can restore the previous codes by simultaneously pressing the smaller two buttons.

Channels: 4
Frequency: 433MHz
Material: Plastic, Metal
Dimensions: 56 x 30 x 13mm

1 x Learning code 433 copy remote