Tungsten Carbide Rotary File Burr Cutter 1/4" 6mm x 150mm long shaft YA9

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Tungsten Carbide Cutter 1/4" shank single cutter, Single cut rotary file CNC, Port grinding and polishing
These single cut carbides are more commonly used on alloys etc prior and after to TIG welding etc ideal for engine port grinding.

Used typically in high speed hand held air grinders to remove excess material or filleting prior to welding, port grinding in engine rebuilding etc
Wood, bone and Jade carving these are a must.
Material:Tungsten carbide 10 mm head , 1/4" (6mm) HSS shaft extra long reach for those hard to get places
Size:Total length 65 mm, outer diameter of the tip 10 mm,tip blade length 25 mm


Material: Tungsten carbide
Blade diameter: 10mm
Edge quantity: 8 edges
Shank diameter: 6mm
Hardness: up to HRC70

Auction is for 1 x TC single cut rotary file, curve and tip profile as shown