Thread Repair Helicoil Insert Kit M6 30Pcs YF9

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Thread Repair Helicoil Insert Kit M6 30Pcs

-30pcs thread repair kit including 25 wire thread inserts.
-Ideal for restoring damaged threads, suitable for engine repair and other automotive.
-Applications for steel, cast iron and aluminum.
-Can be used in daily repair, car repair, drilling machine, etc.
-Made of high quality material, sturdy and durable in use.

Color: as shown
Thread inserts material: Stainless steel
Thread tap and the drill material: HSS
Wrench: surface electrophoresis
Thread specification: M6

How to use:
1.Drill out damaged thread using correctly sized drill bit (supplied)
2.Tap re-drilled hole using tap supplied
3.Load coiled insert into applicator
4.Screw coil into casting
5.Using lug breaking tool,break off tag on insert
6.Thread is repaired and ready to use.

Package Included:
25 x Thread inserts
1 x Lug breaking tool
1 x Installation tool
1 x wrench
1 x Thread tap
1 x Drill bit