Thermal Paste 4 CPU Heatsink Lge 45g Syringe YC3

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Thermal Paste 4 CPU Heatsink Large 45g Syringe for easy application.

Paste is non corrosive, non toxic high performance heat dissipating medium used between CPU and its associated cooling heatsink and fan. High temperature properties, also suitable for many other applications such as Power mosfets, transitor/scr, SSR mounting paste etc
Works best when applied as thin as possible. Will not dry out or weep out.

Size:155 x 20mm (Length x Diameter)
Net weight:35g
Package weight:45g
Thermal Conductivity: >1.93W/m-k
Thermal Resistance: <0.225-C-in²/W

Packing content:
1 x Thermal Compound


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