Telescopic Bore Gauge Set of 6 - 8-150 mm OC6

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Telescopic Bore Gauge Set of 6 - 8-150 mm

Material: Hardened tool steel
Color: as shown in pic

Under uniform spring tension, the plunger of the gauge expand from the center to the diameter of the hole or width of slot being measured and then locked in place by a knurled knob, the hole size is found by measuring over the two contact point with a micrometer or caliper.
Double action rigid handle with self centering feature for quick checking of holes, slots and recess up to 150mm ( 6" ) deep
The ends of both contact are head treated stainless steel and precision ground to a radius to allow proper clearance on the smallest hole the gage will enter
Constant spring tension gives uniform contact pressure
Handles are rigidly attached to the contact plungers and are automatically self-centering
Nickel-plated finished

Complete set of 6 Telescopic Gauges

1 x each size

8 -12.7mm
12.7 -19mm
19 - 32mm
32 -54mm
54 -90mm
90 -150mm