Solid State Relay SSR-40AA 40A 380V 80-250V i/p RD2

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Solid State Relay SSR-40AA 40A 24- 380V capacity, 80-250V i/p

with led input state indicator (red led)


Input voltage: 24-380 Vac
Output voltage capacity: 24-380 Vac
Output current: 40A
Working voltage: 280 V
On voltage: =1V
One-off Time: =10ms
Off leakage Current: =2mA

1x FOTEK Soild State Relay SSR-40AA AC-AC 40A 80-280VAC 24-380VAC

Color: White
Item size: 60mm x 45mm x 23mm
Net weight: 97g

Check our other auctions for a suitable heatsink and thermal paste to use the device at full power.

Arduino, opto isolation, solid state switch, solid state control, remote control, mains switch, fan relay