PIR motion sensor switch 360 degree 230V 100W max RA6

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A 230V PIR motion sensor for wall or ceiling mount,, 360 degree coverage, 8 m sensing range, minimal installation and with a maximum load switching capacity of 100W.
Automattically turn lights on on entry to a room, it will after a delay turn off again. Will continue to remain triggered as long as movement is detected.

Color: White
Material: plastic
Power supply: AC 220V 50/60Hz
Load power: less than 100W
Sensor distance: 8 m
Working Temperature: -20℃- +50℃
Power : 100 watt bulbs , 80 -watt energy-saving lamps,LED Max 20W
Sensor degree: 360° Cone angle.
Delay range: 20-30 seconds
Strong, suitable for ceilings, warehouse, garage , corridor , factories, foyers, etc
Good solution for saving energy
Red = phase power from switch or cct board
Black = neutral connection
Yellow. = pir switched/controlled power to load

Load/lamp is between common Neutral and the Yellow wire

Dimension: Approx
Head dia 45 mm
Lens dia 32 mm
Rim thickness 5 mm
Minimum cavity depth 40 mm
Cutout hole diameter 25 mm

Working Humidity: <93%RH

They will save energy by ensuring lights and fans not to be left on.
Connection diagram on unit body
Easy to install and simple to use

Package Include:

1 x AC 220V PIR motion Sensor Switch