Motion Detector 11~ 26 V for LED lights Solar WHITE body White lens RE1

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A very useful sensor with wide coverage, wide voltage range, day and night operation and uses very little power to operate, useful for remote security lights, boat/ trailer/caravan alarm, use it to turn on outside LED garden lights, ring an entrance alarm etc.
easy to install and has standard LED power plug and socket.
Unit runs of 12-25vdc so ideal for cars, trucks, boats, garden lights and solar applications
Motion Detected up to about 5 m.
Adjustable switch timing to turn off after about 2 to 120 secs from last detection of movement.

Size 48 x 25 x 14 mm

Enclosure is splash proof but could be made totally watertight with some silicon around the cables egress.
This model has maximum current 3A (ideal for LED lamps or 5 meter 3526 type LED strips.

Available in black and white.
This auction for WHITE unit

Package Content:

1 X PIR Motion Switch WHITE