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Desulphator benefits:

In a similar manner to a Pulse battery charger (charge - rest - charge - rest etc) a cyclic desulphating pulse action (pulse - rest - pulse - rest) optimizes the battery recovery process. This very effective method of desulphation has been implemented in this new auto-pulse Desulphator.

Increases Battery Power
Extends Battery Life
Battery Charges Faster
Longer Discharge
Prevents Sulphate Build-up
Reduces Evapouration
Better cold performance

Fully Automatic voltage selection 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V
A new Cyclic pulse generation method for improved capacity recovery
"Soft" Peak Pulsing
Auto cut-off function to prevent over discharge of battery
User Configurable over-ride for manual voltage selection

Fully Automatic voltage selection:

Cut Off Voltage
12V battery C12 11.0V
24V battery C24 22.0V
36V battery C36 33.0V
48V battery C48 44.0V

Size: 88 x 56 x 23 mm 0.1Kg
Automatic setting for 12-48V Batteries
Operating Amps: 20mA max
Peak Amperes: 2A max
Peak Voltage: 60-100V
Pulse Frequency: 10 KHz
LED light indicates when pulsating
Cut off current:
comes with English instruction manual
Unit supplied with crock clips not terminal lugs as pictured

12 month warranty

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