Igniter Relay 24V 100A Glow Plug Universal HD GA5

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Fit for all Trucks and 24V cars (Universal type)
Type: Universal type
24V 100A SPST Relay
High 100A coil capacity- able to handle those high current applications with ease
Hundreds of uses include- starter kills, domelight supervision, trunk release, polarity changer, power door lock/actuator control, change a low current output to high current,add ignition/accessory outputs, control motors/other electronics, Diesel heater coil solenoid, electric scooter isolator. solar battery bank isolator, LED lights power supply relay.

It is Also suitable for automobile used for control, alarms, horn, headlight and more....

Model Name: WM686-24VDC-100A
Max switching current 120A
Item Width: 47 x 47 mm
Item Height: 70 mm
Material Type: Metal and polymer
Item Weight: 70 g
Coil 6.3mm push on , power via M6 Studs. complete with nuts

Whats shipped
1 X 24V 100A Relay