Flowmeter Arduino / Picaxe Motor Home/Hydroponics flow sensor RC2

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Water Flowmeter.
Flow range:1-60 L/min
Interior diameter: 0.81"
Minimum rated working voltage: DC4.5 V-24V
Maximum current: 15 mA(DC 5V)
Working voltage range: DC 5-18 V
Load capacity: ≤10 mA(DC 5V)
Operating Temp: ≤80°C,Operating humidity:35%~90%RH
Allow compression:Water pressure 1.20 Mpa below
Storage Temperature:-25~+80°C
Storage humidity:25%~95%RH
F=4.8 x units of flow (L / min) x time (seconds).
ROHS Compliant.
About the Wiring:
Red Connect Positive;
Yellow OUT Connect signal output;
Black GND Connect Negative.
Suitable for water purifier, water heaters, credit card machines, water vending machines, coffee machines, smart card equipment, the boiler and and other flow measurement devices!
• Vertical installation, inclination is no more than 5 degrees.
• Media temperature should not exceed 120 degrees

Packaging include
1 x G1" Flowmeter

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