Electronic Edge Finder 6566 Mill Lathe 5um accuracy Audible and LED ES20-10 GE3

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Electronic Edge Finder 6566 Mill Lathe 5um accuracy Audible and LED ES20-10
Now supplied with batteries
A simple and accurate way to precisely set the edge of your workpiece.
When the ball end conducts through the workpiece back to the body the high visibility LED lights as well as an audible indication.

Not suitable for rotary use
Hardened shank and contact ball
Shank diameter 20mm
Contact point diameter 10 mm
Overall length 160 mm
Accuracy 0.005MM
Quickly locate work edges
Probe Hardened & Precision Ground
Not necessary to rotate while measuring
LED lights instantly and it beeps when probe touches conductive work piece
Uses dry batteries to light the LED and sound
Uses 2 x Um5# (size N) , 1.5V x 2pcs (supplied) BE3
or a single 3.6V 14500 (AA size) litihium battery (battery shown picture 1 not supplied but available)
There is a safety spring puller which retains the ball precisely back to the position of the ball seat, just in case you go to far.
These excellent tools quickly locate work edges and save time when finding positions on milling machines, jig borers etc etc
Suitable for internal and external bore and edge sensing

Shank Diameter 20mm
Shank length 160mm
Ball Diameter 10mm
Battery: 2 x 1.5v alkaline battery or 1 x 3.6V Li ion 14500(AA)

1 x Electronic edge finder
1 x Protective carry case

Insize 6566 Electronic Edge Finder