DIN-Rail Digital LED AC voltmeter/ammeter GA3

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DIN-RAIL Slide Way Digital LED AC Voltmeter Ammeter AC 80-300V AC220V
AC 0.2-99.9A Voltage/ Current Meter Dual Display Panel Meter.

Item Specifications
Display Type: Digital Only
Brand Name: AC Digital Voltmeter Ammeter
Accuracy Class ±1% ±2 digit
Measuring Range AC 80-300V AC 0.2-99.9A
Dimensions 54X80X64mm
Model Number AC Digital Voltage /Current Panel Meter
Residual Power consumption less than 0.2VA

Item is DIN rail mount, power cable is fed through the hole in body without break to the circuit, employing current sense transformer, easy readout of the line voltage and ac current.

UPS monitoring, remote power system, inverter readout, power consumption, switchboard indicator