DC Voltage converter Down/Up Buck Boost -Voltmeter GC4

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NOTE: This module is step-up and step-down converter and has an onboard voltage display. The performance is more than LM2596 and LM2577.
Data Indicators:
In+: Input positive
In-: Input negative
Out+: Output positive
Out-: Output negative
Size: 47x41x16 (length*width*height)(mm)
Weight: 23g
Display Color Blue
Input voltage: 5.0-25.0V
LED Indicator : YES
Output voltage: 0.5-25V(Adjustable)
IN/OUT Power : 25W(MAX)
Input current: Rated current MAX 2A
Output current: Rated current MAX 2A
S1 : Choose and remember the output state
OFF/ON: Control the output state

Input and output voltage display
The starting state can be set easilly
This module can be started and stopped by the button, has reverse polarity protection.