Counter Electronic Digital Total Tally Magnetic inductive proximity sensor RA6

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Counter Electronic Digital Total Tally Magnetic inductive proximity sensor Large easy read display, self powered.

Versatile Digital Electronic Counter Module , easy to read LCD dispaly with counting range 5 digits 0-99999 count, self powered with easily replaceable battery, uses very little power, has front panel and rear terminal reset with pause button facility.
Uses a magnetic proximity switch to detect passing objects with a maximum detection range of 30 mm.

1. Five Digit LCD display, Large 13 mm x 6 mm LCD digits

2. Pause key for stopping count, after 30 seconds of pause push counter will power down into standby state. push again to re initiate.

3. Magnetic proximity sense, no false counting.

4. Maximum counting speed -. 100 passes per second

5. Reset: through pressing the Reset buttons on board
or external contact closure on rear terminals.

6. Self powered using internal battery

7. Solid state , employing good vibration resistance. No mechanical parts to wear out.

8 Free from mechanical abrasion, safe work, long lifespan

Power: 1.5V—AA 5th battery
Reset modes: on board button and exterior terminals
Counting range: 0---99999
Available ambient temperature: -5 - 40°C
Minimum count pulse width : 10 mSec
Dimension: 64 x 38 x 38 mm
Prox detector : 12 mm dia x 40 mm long thread
Normal detection distance 5-10 mm
Maximum distance for induction : = 30 mm
Panel cutout size: 61 x 36 mm
Total weight: about 120g including mounting clamps

Whats Shipped
5 digit Electronic Counter
Proximity detector and magnet
Mounting brackets