Binding Post Terminal Banana 4.0mm Dual connector OA7

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Top quality Gold plated, sold as a red/black pair complete with backing plate for amplifier, speaker connections and power supply termination.
Standard end and side insertion 4 mm holes for bare cable or banana plug insertion.
Complete with insulating bulkhead gland/backing plate, wire tie/ solder pin, dual shake-proof washers and dual backing nuts, all gold plated for superior soldering , conductivity and long life. Outer pvc surface is notched to give good tightening purchase.
Threaded portion is M4 x 0.7 mm pitch 17 mm long
Terminals are 19 mm c-c

Bulk inquiries welcome

Jaycar sell a lesser quality unit , without gold plating and no front entry for $8.90 so these units we are selling are a bargain.

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