Aquarium Thermostat, Digital plug in 3 Pin Plug and Socket LED display RD1

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Aquarium Incubator Reptile Brood Hatchery Thermostat, Digital plug in 3 Pin
Ideal quick install thermostat suitable for use in aquariums, reptile enclosures, chicken brooders and for brew fermenting
Has large LED display that indicates the measured temperature and the set temp when in set mode.

Apply microcomputer technology to keep precise measurement.
Bright LED display, direct and clear to see data.
Dual heating and cooling functions with the icon to indicate.
Freely exchange ℃ and ℉.
Has adjustable temperature difference and adjustable output delay function to protect compressor.
Has a water-proof sensor with 1m wire and sucker for better measurement.
Wide temperature testing range: -40 deg c to +110 deg c, temperature control range is 16 C to 40 C.
With 4 icons: SNOW, SUN, COOL and HEAT to indicate your operation.

Color: Black
Temperature Measuring Range: -40℃ to 110℃
Temperature Control Range: 16℃ to 40℃
Resolution: 0.1℃
Accuracy: +/- 1℃
Sensor: Water-proof NTC Sensor
Sensor Cable Length: 1.05m
Input Voltage: 230v AU Plug
Relay: 10A
Product Consumption: ≤ 3W
Ambient Requirements: Temperature: -10℃ to 60℃ Humidity: 20% to 85%
Control Load: 1200W/220V (resistive load)
Item Size: 136 mm x 55 mm x 36 mm

Package included:
1 x Thermostat
1 * English User Manual