Ammeter Panel LCD +/- 100A Backlit Blue Solar YC1

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Ammeter Panel LCD +/- 100A Backlit Blue Solar

Panel mount ammeter capable of displaying + charge and - discharge suitable for many applications.
Lcd backlight color : BLUE
High accuracy
Easy to install
Digit display type:LED
working power supply of AC or DC 9V-12V
Accuracy : +/-0.5%
Size : 79 mm x 43 mm x 24 mm
Installation hole: 76 × 39 mm
Measuring Range :DC 100A / 0 ~ +/-100A

Red and Black wires 9-12 V to run the module
Yellow and Blue wires , across a suitable 100A 75mV shunt (not supplied this auction)
See our other auctions for suitable shunts and if sourcing module supply from same source as load, suitable DC to DC isolation modules.