16340 Lithium Battery 3.7 Volt w PCB Protection x 2 RB1

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UltraFire 16340 rechargeable lithium batteries allow you to get incredible runtime out of the flashlights. Same size as CR123, each 16340 is 3.7V and 1200 mAh. These are LC batteries, which have low self discharge rates and no memory.
A protection circuit is attached to the battery to ensure that you do not overcharge or over discharge the battery. As with all lithium batteries, proper care needs to be observed.
Do not overheat, incinerate, reverse polarity, mix voltages, or do any other potentially dangerous activity with these or any other lithium batteries.

Brand: MJKAA
Type: 16340 Rechargeable Battery
Voltage: 3.7V
Capacity: 1200mAh (1.2Ah)
Diameter 16 x 34 mm long
SC = 11 A

*with in built protection circuit PCB
*No memory effect
*as high as 3000 charge/discharge cycles
*environmentally friendly