12 / 24V Wireless Winch Control & Extra Remote GA6

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Brand new and high quality, this model will work up to 28 volts
Latest heavy duty long range model
With visual indicator led to show remote operation
Work with any Tuff Stuff or Recon Recovery winch as well as most Warn, Ramsey, Superwinch, Smittybilt, Gorilla, Bulldog and many other brands of self-recovery winches
2 remotes included (1 x handheld , 1 x key fob keychain remote)
Range: about 15m (50ft )
Remote size:Large, about 45 x 105 mm,( with rear clip for sun visor storage )
Keyfob size: 30 x 60 mm
Connection voltage: 12V/24V
Battery included both remotes
Pre wired tails with terminal lugs for easy fit
Comes with English user manual

Simplistic Operation
Pushing the OUT button on the remote will make +Ve (12-24) volts appear at the White wire and conversely pushing the IN button will make the supply volts appear at the Yellow wire.
(With respect to GND, Black wire)

Most winches have a built in heavy current changeover contactor relay, DPDT centre OFF. If you want to use this type of winch remote to control actuators you will need to add one of these changeover contactors to carry the current and provide pole reversal and logic.
A better solution for wireless actuator control would be our " 4 Channel 12V Wireless Remote Control module 433Mh " can be set to 2 Chanel momentary mode and the extra large 2 button remote can be added, this takes care of the LOGIC required for Interlock and Polarity reversal required for actuators, also has the added ability of the same functions on second actuator channel

1 x Wireless remote
1 x Key fob keychain remote
1 x Controller
1 x English user manual

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12V Tuff Stuff, Recon Recovery winch, most Warn, Ramsey, Superwinch, Smittybilt, Gorilla, Bulldog and many other brands of self-recovery winches, linear actuators,