Voltmeter Lead Acid-LiPo battery capacity12-24-48V YE8

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A versatile backlit LCD Battery capacity and voltage indicator for 12V 24v 36 and 48 Volt battery arrays as well as configurable for Lithium Polymer stacks. Can do up to 16 LiPo cells in series.
Configurable by the rear panel switch, set to the bank voltage 12/24/36/48 for lead acid or set the number of LiPo cells and it will display the voltage and or the percentage capacity in your battery. 0 - 100%
Once set configuration is held in non volatile memory and is retained.
New and high quality.
Backlight on off switch.
Crystal shell LCD monitor power!
Dimensions:48 x 25 mm Thickness:10 mm
Display Window Size:36 x 12 mm
Applicable battery chemistry; Lithium Batteries,Lead Acid Batteries
Work Current:5-15 mA (with backlight on)
Work Voltage :6-85V
Energy Resolution:1%
Voltmeter Accuracy :1%
Usable Temperature Range: -20- 70 degrees
Operating humidity:10-80%(non-condensing)
Black wire connect negative terminal
Red wire connect positive terminal
External overall dimension:64 x 25 x 12(mm)
Hole Dimensions :43 x 11.3 (mm)

Configuration see photo
perfect for checking the capacity of those lead acid kontiki batteries.
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