Countdown Timer 60 MIN 6Vdc 12Vdc 230Vac 2500W GF9

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Countdown Timer 60 MIN 6Vdc 12Vdc 230Vac 2500W suitable for any timed application where you want the power to an appliance / device cut after a time delay, in this case 0-60 min selectable by the front dial.
Timing function is mechanical, no power required to complete the time out.
Ideal for "set and walk away applications, can be wall or panel mounted, put in a box etc.
Ideal for KONTIKI longline timer, no electronics involved here !
Also suitable for water pump timer, spa pool timer, bathroom heater timer, exhaust fan timer, lamps etc saving time and power bills.
Has a built in power LED (led only works for 230V operation)
As output contacts are "clean contact" it can be used to switch a DC load off after a delay,(Kontiki, dc fuel pump etc)

Product specifications: 10A 220Vac 5A dc
Rated Frequency:0-50HZ
Mounting Type 86 with removal face panel for easier installation and wall painting facilitation.

1 x 60 minute mains timer
connection diagram on box